A-tutors is a company with experienced home-based and professional tutors in Singapore. They are offering different subjects that can help the children, providing guidance for all of their needs in education. A-tutors teachers are experienced professionals and have a high-standard of qualifications. The teachers are very transparent about the way we work. Their rates are highly competitive usually start from $15/hour for lower primary students. In A-Tutors, they offer levels on Pre-School/Primary/PSLE, Secondary/ O or N Level/Integrated Programme 1-4 (IP) and Junior College / A Level / Integrated Programme 5-6 (IP).

Check out the types of home tutors to guide you on selecting the needs of the clients:

1. Student Tutors – Polytechnic Student / ‘A’ Level Student / Undergraduates
This is the largest and most commonly encountered group of home tutors in Singapore. This group of tutors have often just successfully completed their Pre-university programmes in either the Junior College or Polytechnic and as such would be qualified tutors for students who are currently still in their primary, secondary and junior college education.

2. Part-time Tutors
These are tutors who hold a full-time job and are hence less flexible with their tuition timetable (mostly evenings or weekends). However, part-time tutors usually have more tutoring experience as compared to student tutors and thus command a slightly higher tuition rate in the market.

3. Full-Time Tutors
This category of tutors is the most professional. Being a home tutor is their full time job. They are usually university graduates and do not have any full-time commitment such as a day job and thus are the most dedicated. Full-time tutors are extremely familiar with the current school syllabus they often have ample experience teaching. Do expect a premium for their tuition rates when you engage them.

4. NIE Trainees / Ex-Teacher / Current Teacher
NIE trainees, current or ex-teachers are also a popular choice of home tutors because they possess in-depth knowledge of the local education system. Due to their background, most current and ex-teachers are also able to identify areas to focus as well as spot questions that may possibly appear in tests and examinations. Having been trained by the National Institute of Education (NIE), they are equipped with the ability to effectively communicate and teach educational materials. These groups of tutors command the highest home tuition rates.

To save the hassle of deciding which tutor to use, you can Request A-Tutor, their friendly coordinators will help and give some advice and they will also gather all your requirements. They will carefully do a short-list of home tutors that best match your requirements and budget.

About the company:
A-Tutors is a home tutor specialist that are experienced and capable of providing professional home tutors in Singapore. They are the largest database home education in Singapore. All of their teachers are experienced for all levels and subjects. They teach Primary, Secondary, and A- Level/IP/IB Student tutors. For more information, you can check their website at http://atutors.com.sg/.

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