SelfieBox Digital Photography Technology Makes It Easier For People to Capture Moments


Harnessing the capabilities and features of new digital photo technology, Selfiebox now allows individuals and companies to take important photographs with ease and professional touch.

Digital photography has made an impact in today’s society especially because of the technology and tools now available at people’s fingertips. Previously, it was difficult to capture moments and scenes in actions because cameras and accompanying accessories are hard to get by. This has changed now with the digital age offering people and companies more access to tools that can document their daily living.

Digital photography technology uses an electronic device, sensor and a photosentive material to deliver images as fast as possible. The same principle applies to the technology used by Selfiebox in providing a number of professional photo outputs. Why opt for digital photography? It offers a series of advantages over the traditional film option. These include:

  • Instant or quick review of images
  • Greater flexibility and speed delivering the results and capturing the images
  • Capability to capture and store unlimited number of images in consecutive manner
  • More affordable and permanent form of digital storage
  • More convenient printing, copying and distributing
  • Capability to incorporate metadata within in the file image including the time and date the image was taken, camera model, type of flash, shutter speed and similar items.
  • Ability to capture and store hundreds of images in just one location or access point
  • Ease in applying more effects, retouching components and other tools

Selfiebox offers a range of professional digital photography services. The company provides individual and group services, birthday and other types of event coverage. Selfiebox has an excellent range of professional studio setup options that can be suitable for company promotions and other functions. Availing services for clients is easy. All they need to do is to book a room, select a theme, select their props and start taking photos. For additional requirements and services, Selfiebox can talk it out with clients to see which setup fits their requirements best.

The company also offers the following services on top of their packages:

  • Private Room
  • Photoshoot in Professional Studio Setup (DSLR + Lighting + Live Screen + Wireless Remote)
  • Inclusive of 3 background themes (click to view current theme)
  • Specially selected props for couples, families or friends
  • Choice of general props from shop (wide selection)
  • Unlimited shots
  • Photos are burned into a DVD

For interested clients, booking an appointment is as easy as a few clicks online. Customers can set their schedules through the company’s online booking system. Rates and services vary depending on the number of people, hours required to take the photos and the type of photos.

About Selfiebox:
Selfiebox is a “Selfie” photography studio offering a range of professional studio setup servies. The company specializes in Portrait Photography, Corporate Photography, Convocation Photography, Photobooth Service Package, Couple Photography and Family Photography including customized themes and other services. For more information, see:

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