Accounting books in regular monitoring: Excellence Singapore Group offers ES-Accounting to SMEs


Singapore – Excellence Singapore Group, a business consulting firm in Singapore, provides accounting services to different SMEs and clients to foster growth and progress as business owners focus on running the business itself. They offer services that can be done on a regular basis as an alternative labor work done by a regular company employee. The consulting firm can devise systems and provide a good accounting scheme fit for a particular client.

“Excellence Singapore strongly believes that as much as sales are important, backend support such as having a proper book keeper is equally important. You certainly do not want Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) or Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) to come after you with fines and court summons.”, says the team behind the company.

The accounting services of the firm help their clients avoid any penalties and struggles that may be overlooked by the business owners who are busy running the business as a whole. Furthermore, the accountants from the accounting firm or business consulting firm works collaboratively with its clients to address different concerns and resolve distinct problems to fit the whole systems and actions to the needs of the clients themselves.

Excellence Singapore Group offers accounting software as well. It allows businesses to manage their finances and other records more efficiently and effectively. The company aims to make the operations in the business more stable.

Aside from the accounting software, the company also offers services such as audit services, company secretarial services, and corporate/personal tax & gst services. These are all included in the compliance services of the company. What is more, there are also outsourcing services such as book-keeping services, payroll services, refer to Payroll Services, and Employment Pass.

These services are professional services to ensure that their clients meet statutory compliance and file taxes and/or GST in a timely manner. The services are aimed at making company operations smooth and easy for the owners to manage.

The company opens more opportunity for the business as they offer significant contributions to the company through their expertise and knowledge. They assure owners that they get the job done in a more competent way than those a business may hire since they have the area specialty to ensure success and proper compliance. They also provide updates and even analysis to give more solutions to the owners and project future actions for the growth of the company.

About the company:

Excellence Singapore Group is a business consulting firm providing one stop business solutions in the area of cash flow management, proposal and profiling write ups, full range accounting services with incorporation of companies and allowing SMEs to tap onto our huge network to get the required working capital needs. We develop and implement strategies to improve our clients productivity and efficiency from a start-up to daily operations to expansion of their businesses with the aim to assist SMEs to maximize business performances and achieving their vision. To find out more, visit:

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