AE Logistics has All You’ll Need on a Move


Aelogistics is one of the home movers in SingaporeWill you be relocating any time soon? Then you definitely must consider the services being provided by AE (Assalaamualaikum Enterprise) Logistics. As a top mover in Singapore, they have the materials and expertise to ensure you’ll be on your way towards a smoother transfer.

Here are just a couple of solutions which you can benefit from AE Logistics:

Local and international transfer services

AE Logistics can bring your items within the city’s premises and even outside of it, particularly in West Malaysia. Among the top professional movers in Singapore, their major services include manpower support, covered trucks and lorries, packing materials and even disposal options.

If you’re planning to move internationally, AE Logistics can also prepare the documents which you’ll require towards having a smoother and more efficient transfer. These may in detail, be GST Permit Application, Electrical or Electronic permits and customs declaration clearances.

Among the most known house movers in Singapore, international documentation will require for you to have photocopies of your passport. The copies must include the front and back of your document.

Residential, commercial and corporate packages

There may be a lot of stress and hassles involved when it comes to transferring your materials to another place. This is why AE Logistics thoroughly understands the possible glitches which you’ll encounter as you go along your move.

They can both serve clients who intend to transfer in Singapore or Malaysia, with the complete services required to ensure a safe shipment. As a top moving company in Singapore, AE Logistics has already been in the industry for two decades, which means they’ve handled various types of projects in the past.

Allows for warehousing capabilities

Do you have a couple of materials which you intend to remotely store for the time being? As a moving company storage service, AE Logistics has spacious facilities to hold various types of items.

From small to big, fragile to sturdy, or even modern to antique, AE has the expertise and capacity to make sure the items you’ll store will stay intact. You can even choose between short and long term contracts depending on how long you’ll require the storage would be.

Competitiveness in pricing

AE Logistics also offers price flexibility, as they deliver fair service. Prorated charges will additionally be applied on a case to case basis. Deposit fees are not even required, as prices are announced on their pages. For instance, Warehouse Prices include SGD 3.60 per square foot and SGD 250 per lot.

About AE Logistics

Assalaamualaikum Enterprise or AE Logistics is a Singaporean moving company which offers local and international transfers for home and business owners. They also include Warehouse Storage services for items which need to be kept within a period of time.

AE Logistics also believes in efficiency and manpower trustworthiness, to ensure their customers’ peace of mind throughout every move. For more details about their services, you may visit

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