Arium School of Arts & Science offers affordable quality educational programs


Arium School of Arts & Science, also known as ASAS, is an institution that offers quality educational programs that are affordable and meets the needs of the students. ASAS has been established in the year 2004 and is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Today the school offers a wide variety of programs. Among these programs are Psychology, Criminology/Sociology, Business, Hospitality, Health and Social Care. They also have other courses such as Writing and Communication, as well as short courses and workshops. ASAS is one of the schools that offer counselling courses in Singapore. They offer Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology, as well as Educational Psychology and Children Psychology. They also have a Specialist Diploma in Special Needs, as well as Graduate Diploma in Education & Child Psychology among many other psychology courses.

The school also offers four courses under Criminology/Sociology. They have Specialist Diploma in Criminology, Specialist Diploma in Forensic Psychology, Specialist Diploma in Social Welfare and Advanced Diploma of Arts. Under the Business education program, ASAS has Specialist Diploma in Accounting, as well as in Business Management, and Marketing. Lastly, they have Specialist Diploma in Business/Hospitality, as well as in Hospitality Management.

Education has been one of the vital things that we can provide for our children in order for them to grow up as respectable professionals one day. But a lot of families tend to sacrifice this important thing due to problems such as poverty. While there are a lot of people who dreamed of having education – and more importantly, gain knowledge – not everyone gets to have the opportunity to finish studying until college due to financial issues.

Fortunately, there are ways for the financially challenged students to be able to fulfil their dreams today. With ASAS, students get the chance to have quality education at an affordable price. ASAS is one of the schools in Singapore that offers financial aid, by means of student grants. Not only that, the school also offers Workforce Development Approved (WDA) courses, which simply meant that students can apply for government subsidies. Students can get as much as 95% government subsidies on Management, Health and Social Care, and other courses. Moreover, ASAS has partnered with institutions such as the Adams State University in Colorado, USA and Awards for Training and Higher Education or ATHE in order to help students pursue their studies even further.

ASAS is one of the schools in Singapore that offers students an opportunity to attain a brighter and better future by means of education. With the quality of education which they provide at an affordable price, the students are given hope to become professionals in the future.

About Arium School of Arts & Sciences
Arium School of Arts & Sciences is an educational institution that offers affordable quality courses for students. With years of experience and deep understanding of the US education system, they are committed to providing the students with a high standard of learning. They are a school that is constantly striving for what is best for their students. To know more about Arium School of Arts & Sciences, please visit their website:

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