Buying Tips for Washing Machines


Washing machine is a necessity for any household. People hardly have the time to do their laundry manually. But washing machines have different features and benefits; that’s why it’s important to know some guidelines when buying one. Here are some valuable tips:

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Are you a washer and dryer type?

It’s recommended that you buy two separate machines for the washer and the dryer. It’s cheaper to buy washer dryers and they also save much space but the problem with them is that you won’t be able to wash and dry at the same time.

Of course, size does matter.

For a couple with children who are quite clean, it is better to buy a smaller washing machine Singapore, say 6 kg. But for a larger family, it’s wiser to buy a machine that has bigger capacity, like 10 kg. Using this machine will enable you to save more time and money with fewer washes required.

Take a look at the spin speed of the washing machine Singpore

You can choose a machine that has a spin speed of 1400 rpm and this will ensure that you clothes will end up dryer. This means shorter time to hang for drying. You can also save time from not tumble drying for so long. However, you should also consider that the faster the machine spins, the noisier it can be and the more likely it will wear out soon. Hence, if you have limited budget, choose the cheaper machine with a lower spin speed instead.

Choose a machine with a high-efficiency rate.

When you choose a washing machine with high-efficiency rating, you’ll have to weigh it with the price. You need not allow the efficiency rating alone to influence your decision. In the end, the environment will benefit more from a machine that can last longer than one that requires replacement soon.

Pick the machine with the right brand.

There are those machine brands that are well-reputed for being reliable. There are also those that don’t. This is why you have to read reviews online. However, not all product reviews are written in all honesty. Seek out genuine ones.


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