Chinese Medical Center to Outreach their Services through Franchising


Chinese Medical Center opens its doors to people who wish to spread traditional Chinese medicine practice to a huge number of individuals with the help of franchising. As such, people who are interested will be able to start their own clinic under the guidance of the company itself.

TCM Singapore is quite popular practice receiving its fair share of the spotlight for quite some time. This in turn led to traditional Chinese medicine Singapore to become a very much sought after service in the present. The demand for TCM clinic Singapore as more and more people is looking for this particular type of treatment. Chinese Medical Center recognizes the need for more clinics and as such, they have allowed other business owners to open up their very own TCM clinics with the help of franchising.

For business owner to be able to open up Chinese medicine Singapore under Chinese Medical Center, they first need to be a registered Chinese medicine practitioner. It is important that they have in contact or is able to get in touch with a professional Chinese doctor singapore to back their services up. Furthermore, the clinic addresses must be approved by the company as well as comply with all of the provisions of the treaty to join. Once they are done with the opportunity to offer a variety of treatment which include body massage Singapore as well as acupuncture slimming Singapore.

Those who seek franchising with the help of Chinese Medical will be provided with a lot of benefits. This includes company assistance which helps provide site renovation program. There is also various training that is offered to help recruit staff. As such, finding Chinese physician Singapore becomes relatively much easier than before and the same can also be said with regards to their services such as acupuncture Singapore and Tui na Singapore.

TCM slimming Singapore is loved by a number of individuals due to how safe the treatment is compared to western practices. It is good to hear that those who wish to open traditional Chinese medicine clinics for their own are now able to do so through franchising with the help of Chinese Medical Center.


About Chinese Medical Center:

CMC was founded and established by Mr. Joseph Liu Bing Qiang in 1997, it is Singapore’s first integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and healthcare centre to provide quality medical and healthcare services for the public. After 16 years of hard work, today CMC has 8 branches in Singapore with a team of experienced TCM Practitioners, Masseurs and Veterans are on standby to provide professional quality services of Chinese Medicine, Healthcare Massage and Acupuncture. To enhance total health and well-being of our patient/customer as well as achieving the “World-class Standard” on TCM services, CMC has recently self-developed a “Comprehensive Management Networking System” to cater for internet booking , payment, and keep track on their patient’s service information. You can find out more information, when you visit CMC’s website at


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