Consolidated Systems offers World Class Cleaning Solutions for Industrial Purposes


Consolidated System Pte Ltd is a company that is renowned for providing world-class quality cleaning solutions for industrial purposes. They have gained local renown for the affordable and environmental cleaning systems that they provide.

Consolidated has been a leading independent distributor of top quality industrial cleaning and maintenance machines, accessories and chemicals since their establishment in 1987. The company started out as a humble distributor of a small range of industrial cleaning machines and chemicals. Since then they have become successful in providing the most comprehensive range of state-of-the-art products, which are now used by hundreds of cleaning contractors and businesses today. Offices, schools, hotels, retail malls, commercial spaces – for over thirty years, Consolidated has been ensuring that your cleaning needs are all covered.

The company has been trusted by various industries for providing products that are well-known internationally. Different kinds of workplaces and industrial estates have been availing their products. Consolidated System provides the best industrial cleaning products for all varieties of commercial establishments today. Consolidated knows the importance of cleanliness, especially for businesses; it improves the enterprise’s image, and helps the business’ progress in the long run. Moreover, this helps you provide a safe and healthy environment not just for your clientele, but for your employees and yourself as well. That is why Consolidated ensures that their clients will have cost-effective and environment-friendly cleaning equipment.

Aiming to give the quality cleaning systems to industries in Singapore today, Consolidated is dedicated to giving nothing but the best cleaning machines and chemicals. The company has partnered with established brands such as Lavor Pro, Klindex, 3M, Stolzenberg, and Filmop, to provide industries with the best cleaning equipment today. Consolidated provides floor cleaning and maintenance equipment such as vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers. They offer the latest wet and dry vacuum cleaners in Singapore today. They also provide Auto Scrubbers, Carpet Cleaning Machines, and High Pressure Cleaners.

The cleaning chemicals that Consolidated offers are all manufactured locally in Singapore. Moreover, the cleaning machines, equipment, and accessories that they provide are only from brands that follow international standards. The company wants their clients to have only the top quality products that are known internationally for being proven effective. This is their way of ensuring that clients will have the best tools to keep their establishments clean at all times.

Covering the need for cost-efficient and environment-friendly cleaning equipment for industrial purposes is what Consolidated System is all about. They are the company that ensures cleanliness in every commercial establishment, and helping entrepreneurs keep their shops look pleasant and good for business. They are truly the most trusted provider of world-class cleaning equipment in Singapore.

About Consolidated Systems Pte Ltd

Consolidated System Pte Ltd is a top independent distributor of industrial cleaning and maintenance machines, accessories, and chemicals in Singapore. They are the specialist when it comes to providing top-of-the-line cleaning solutions in the island. They are the most trusted company when it comes to economical and environment-friendly cleaning solutions in Singapore.

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