How to Deal with Your Foreign Domestic Worker


Maids agency Singapore is considered to be a very much sought after service with the increasing demand of homeowners looking to find a reliable helping hand. With that being said, even with the assistance of a maid agency in SG, there is still a likelihood that clients will be facing some issues with their employees. Let us go through some issues and discuss how you can deal with your foreign domestic worker.

Establish Rules and Regulations

It is necessary to establish rules and regulations right away the moment that you acquire maids in Singapore and let them step inside your home. Homeowners can prepare this in advance by compiling a list of dos and don’ts and discussing them with their maids. You can also ask for their feedback and if they agree with the terms and conditions that you have included. This in turn helps avoid having problems with your maids in the future.

Avoid Getting Too Close

There have been countless number of reports where clients got too close with their domestic helper in Singapore. As a result, their maids oftentimes take advantage of their goodwill and kindness. Cases where maids would let an acquaintance go inside their owner’s homes as well as the reports of thefts. It should be noted that it is okay to be friendly with your Indonesian maids or Filipino maids in Singapore however one should avoid getting too close with them. Establish a master and servant relationship to avoid such abuse.

Don’t Leave Your Valuables Out in the Open

Temptation is right around the corner with your maids. To avoid this, owners are advised to avoid leaving their precious valuables out in the open. This in turn helps reduces the likelihood of them getting tempted to steal your items. Keep these away from prying eyes by storing them in safe boxes and other similar locations.

Get in Touch with Maid Agency in Singapore

Once you get your maid, this does not mean that you have to cut ties with your maid agency. Always establish a line of communication with your maid agency. Clients are advised to get in touch with them from time to time to discuss about the status of their employees. Don’t hesitate in sharing your comments and feedbacks with them and the agency is more than willing to address to your needs.

There is a lot to look forward to when hiring your very first maid in Singapore. Getting a reliable helper offers a huge amount of relief helping take a huge load off your backs. In fact, a number of homeowners today decide to get two or more maids to help them with their day to day activities.

Consider the tips listed above on how to effectively deal with your foreign domestic worker. Communication is key with your workers as well as with the maid agency. Find a maid agency in Singapore and start your search for the suitable employee right away!

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