Flood Pros USA Launches Mold & Water Damage Restoration for Property Managers 


Managing properties is hard work as it is, but if there’s mass water damage it’s even harder work. It’s bad enough if one space floods, but dealing with dozens of properties following a flood can feel like an impossible task, and that’s why property managers need to have the details for a company like Flood Pros USA on hand, should an emergency occur.  

As a property manager or investor you will want to make sure your tenants are safe and happy, to ensure your tenants remain for longer, and your investment is protected. To do this correctly, any emergencies that occur and are outside your control, like mass flooding or the resulting mold that can come after, need to be remediated quickly, and this is why we’re happy to share Flood Pros expansion with you. 

Why Water Damage Restoration Should Be Immediate

The Flood Pros team is available 24/7 for a reason. When water damage happens, it can make your tenants feel like they’ve lost everything, and having professionals arrive quickly can give them peace of mind.  

In addition, the sooner water remediation experts are called, the less permanent damage will occur. This means your tenants will lose fewer items and their satisfaction with your services as a landlord or property manager will grow.  

How Flood Pros Handle Water Damage 

With their efficient services, Flood Pros USA have streamlined water damage remediation and mold remediation into one package, to make sure the issue is removed as quickly as possible.  

The way they do this is by employing a large team of IICRC-certified professionals who are fully licensed for remediation services. After assessing the damage across your properties, they develop a custom plan that is designed to give you a realistic timeline to restore the properties back to a pre-flood condition.  

Don’t Stress, Leave it to the Pros

Whenever a property sustains damage, the team at Flood Pros USA know it’s a stressful time. This is why they take the time to guide you through the process, it doesn’t just happen around you, it happens alongside you.  

Some of the services they offer commercially include: 

  •     Free inspections
  •     Tarp-up/board-up services
  •     Dry out services
  •     Sanitisation & dehumidification
  •     Bacteria & mold remediation
  •     Floor, ceiling and wall repairs

Keep Their Number Handy

Now that Flood Pros USA offers such a wide range of commercial services, it’s the right time for all property owners, managers and investors to keep their number on hand if any emergencies occur down the line and you can check Flood Pros USA’s latest news on their website.

Media Contact

Website: https://www.floodprosusa.com/contact-us/ 

Phone: 1-800-848-0654 

Address: 2100 Constitution Blvd Suite 112, Sarasota, FL 34231, USA

—- End of Press Release

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