Grid Synergy branches out video production contents


Grid_Synergy, a recognized transmedia studio in Singapore, diversified its services with different contents using its dynamic styles and techniques, and innovative ideas. It has emerged into a platform that promotes learning at the heart of arts and visual appreciation. The company provides digital solutions for different purposes and audience as well.

“We work closely with our clients and partners to create digital solutions to help them connect to their customers more effectively. By being sensitive to emerging trends, and working in tandem with our partners, we deliver media products that effectively convey your message.”, says the team behind Grid_Synergy.

The company worked for different clients under different projects. Thus, they have created services and categorized such into the following divisions:

Education Interactive Media

Genio is a breakthrough interactive educational TV series produced by Grid_Synergy for SingTel’s mioTV. From conceptualization to production, Grid_Synergy ensured that strict pedagogical standards are followed and utilised creative scripting, animation and motion graphics to create a high-quality and engaging product.


Movie has always been a passion business. But with the right team and the right mix, they can combine passion with profitability. Their team has executive produced and directed numerous movies, covering genres from comedy, drama to horror. The combined box office takings from their movies have surpassed $10 million in Singapore alone, with several of the movies being named the number one movie during the opening week. Indeed,  they have found a winning strategy and will continue to develop movie projects that are entertaining, meaningful and profitable.


Corporate videos have a reputation of being dry, boring and dull. At Grid_Synergy, they want to make corporate videos different by helping clients create content across different mediums that effectively communicates and engages the audience. They bring creativity and out of the box thinking to corporate communications that in turn, revolutionize corporate video production.

Grid_Synergy also offers television and web visual and video production services for its clients. They utilize visual arts and technology to produce products such as web designs, corporate videos, e-learning materials, and the likes. The company also has developed animation and other video production techniques in providing satisfaction to their clients. They assure that every project is done with a concept like no other using their expertise in the field and their skills in movie production as well as web development.

Also specializing in video marketing, the team help clients reach a wide scale audience through a medium that is cost effective and highly effective for the present and future generation.

About the company:

Grid_Synergy is a transmedia studio that specializes in multimedia in producing website designs, corporate videos, educational videos and the likes. The company works with its vision – ‘We ignite passion. We push boundaries. We bring creativity, dedication and energy to every project. We challenge the status quo. We shift perceptions. We tell engaging and compelling stories across multiple media platforms’. To find out more about their works, visit:

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