Klassic Offers One-stop Corporate Gifts Solutions


Klassic, a direct manufacturer for corporate gifts with offices in both Singapore and China, offers free delivery island wide in Singapore, regardless of the amount of order.

Klassic has been constantly increasing the varieties of its products. And with the expansion of the corporate gifts, customers can now choose from a range of small gifts accessories, drink wares, bags and even electronics & gadgets, etc.

Buyers will be able to purchase any items without the requirement of creating login account. For those who want to enjoy member discount, they will need to create the member account. The members will get a minimum of 5% discount on every item and enjoy more discounts depending on the items to be purchased. Members will also get special price during promotion period.

As a corporate gifts supplier, the team at Klassic takes into account of each project budget and based on that, they can recommend the suitable gifts to be given to your various stakeholders. Klassic also provides products and services to sectors in various schemes. For corporate, the markets provided with products and services include MNCs, religious organisations, schools, government sector, non-profit organisations, and retail sector. For corporate clients, the company provides products and services to Standard OEM Projects, making available general corporate gifts and premium corporate gifts. Klassic also offers products and services to Innovative OEM Projects offering developer gifts through R&D, and also end-products which are mainly exclusive to clients. Corporate gifts are printed with company logo or information by silkscreen, heat transfer or offset.

About the company:

Klassic is a direct manufacturer for corporate gifts and retail gifts with offices in both Singapore and China. It offers competitive price without compromising quality as the company highly values its manufacturing business. Klassic is building distribution network to be the leading retail gifts and international markets, catering vogue quality gifts to retail and corporate sector. For more information, visit: www.klassic.com.sg.

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