List of Benefits of Buying Best Health Insurance


Going through ill-health is one the biggest challenges that you face and to have to pay for it without insurance, is the worst thing that could happen to anyone of us. It is, therefore, heavily recommended to have a good insurance in place while you are still young or in good health. In fact, a person must always strive to get the best health insurance which offers them the required cover and has hassle free service and claims.

With the wide array of insurance policies available on, it has become extremely convenient to compare and select the policy that best suits you. The reason for the rise in demand for the best health insurance is not ill health or chances of falling prey to different diseased alone. There are many varied reasons for buying a good health insurance plan. The features and facilities attributed by health insurance can really be very helpful in times of need. An unfortunate situation of undergoing expensive treatments for life-scarring diseases without having a health insurance can really be very harrowing for one’s family members. Hence, the benefits offered by the health insurance companies cannot be overlooked.

Speaking of the benefits of buying best health insurance, they are enlisted in the following section:

  • High cover amount: Insurance companies offer a good cover in trying times. This amount varies from company to company but it is usually in the interest of the insurer.
  • Low to very low premiums: Some companies offer low premiums which may be as low as Rs. 12.9 per day.
  • Transparency in dealing: With companies giving out all the required crucial information on their website, clarifying doubts of the customers, a person can rest assured of the transparency in dealing with the company.
  • Ease of Processing: Nowadays, to get insurance, all one needs to do is log on to any of the websites which sells insurance. They have the whole list of companies and the various insurance plans offered. Select the best plan, put in all the required details, credentials, contact details, etc., get a quote on the premium and you are good to go. All the transaction of the further payments can be made online and thus, it is extremely easy and hassle-free for the insurer.
  • Customer support: For any information or doubt which needs to be clarified, the companies have robust online customer support which is available for the people round the clock. This is true for being contacted over the phone or mail, alike.
  • Peace of mind: Once you have the best health insurance bought, you can rest assured about the expenses which may follow you in times of hospitalization and all your health-related expenses and concerns can be kept in check. 

Limitations of Health Insurance

For any given condition, pros and cons are two aspects which need to be dealt with. This is true for the health insurance as well. Having enlisted the benefits of buying the best health insurance, one needs to keep in mind the limitations of the same, at the same time. The following points list some of the limitations of the health insurance:

  • Expensive Plans: Health insurance is an expensive thing to buy. It can be very difficult for people falling in the high age category, low-income groups or who are self- employed. Buying a health insurance is inevitable in today’s times and that is why it can be even more burdensome for some people. Therefore, it is advised to buy an insurance plan early and only after one has weighed all the options accurately as per their financial status.
  • Low Cover for Tests, Surgeries: The cover offered by some companies may not be covering the entire expenditure which one may have missed noticing while signing up for the plan. This could lead to the worst nightmare of one’s life to pay the hefty medical bills out of their own pockets despite buying the health insurance.
  • Pre-Existing illness: Various insurance companies ensure at the beginning whether a person has any pre-existing medical conditions to deal with. They ascertain this by carrying out various blood tests, etc. through the pathological units they collaborate with. Some companies may refuse to cover or pay charges for such serious conditions. This will lead to the person to pay for the check-ups and surgeries of his illness from their own money, and the overall process may become more expensive for him. 

Deals in Health Insurance 2018 

In the modern times such as that of today, some companies offer amazing and lucrative deals and so it becomes even easier for a person to opt for the best health insurance.

Some of the deals which one may come across are:

  • Cashless claims
  • Quick Processing of claims
  • Comprehensive hospitalization
  • Cashless hospitalization 

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