Public Speaking Academy organizes and holds National Public Speaking competition


The Public Speaking Academy, a corporate entity and a fast growing local and regional influence in the personal and professional training domain, is organizing and holding the National Public speaking competition to assess the competence of the participants with regard to public speaking.

With the vision of a mutual learning environment for the contestants’ competency in public speaking to be raised to a higher level at an accelerated pace, the educational institution holds a competition for Secondary and Tertiary levels.

With the objectives of encouraging contestants to hone their public speaking skills on a nationwide platform; fostering closer bonds among contestants and enthusiasts in a conducive and interactive environment; showcasing the varied talents of contestants and allow for facilitated skills exchange and; challenging the contestants to think fast on their feet and respond cogently to an impromptu speech topic, Public Speaking academy invited schools to send a maximum number of 10 contestants to compete in the quest for the best public speaker. Representatives are sifted through the deliberation of the schools.

The competition has three phases which are the registration, qualifying rounds, and grand finals. In the first stage which is the registration, participating schools can register a maximum number of 10 students at the individual category: They will then proceed to the qualifying rounds where 10 students will be selected to advance into the Grand Finals per category. In the Grand finals, the Champion, 1st-runner up and 2nd-runner up will be selected. The Champion will be crowned the National Champion of Public Speaking. In addition, all finalists will be awarded a trophy.

There are two components in the competition, which are the National prepared speech component which takes up 50 percent of the total score and the other one is National Impromptu speech component comprising the other half percentage of the score. These two components are included by the organizers as the main parts of the competition so as to provide a platform for students to showcase their public speaking skills and allow them to learn from fellow contestants; to apply the various speech genres (narrative; persuasive; inspirational; informative) in their speeches and hone the critical thinking skills of contestants as they discuss and analyses an impromptu topic.

Public Speaking Academy also announced that the opening for the registration for the National Public Speaking Competition 2015 will be open soon. Schools are now expected to prepare their students for the incoming competition. Public Speaking has been taken into the next level as competitions to showcase skills in the art of public speaking are being held and exercised.

About Public Speaking Academy
The Public Speaking Academy, a corporate entity, is a fast growing local and regional influence in the personal and professional training domain. Focused on accentuating the aggregate confidence of individuals to express and impress, the Public Speaking Academy is honoured to receive the strong support of Education Institutions as we begin efforts in transforming the public speaking culture into a more vibrant one. To find out more, visit:

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