Strengthen Your Immune System with these Supplements


In today’s every busy society, it has become more important for people to maintain their health and keep away from diseases. This is why it’s quite necessary for you to consider your options on health supplements in Singapore.

Products of health supplements in Singapore

Here are just few of the selections which enable you to boost your body’s abilities to fend off diseases:

Go Pure™ Pure Propolis Premuim

This product is filled with Ganoderma Lucidum (Lingzhi) spore oil to purify the blood, enhance your immune system and protect your liver. Its other contents such as Propolis and Lingzhi can contribute in countering the growth of tumour.

Cancer among other serious diseases, has become rampant in the country, hence it’s getting more necessary for you to look through your options of health supplements in Singapore.

Go Pure™ Pure Propolis

Another overall and useful supplement you may consider at a top supplement shop in Singapore, would be the Go Pure™ Pure Propolis. This item has been extracted from pure Bazilian Propolis, as perilla seed, DHA and EPA have been added into its whole mixture.

This item is also effective in lowering your cholesterol, improving the immune system, and enhancing the heart and brain’s function. If you’d like to avoid the risk of Diabetes, Dementia, Cancer and allergic inflammation, then this would be your ideal product.

Uniflora® Propolis Extract 30ml

Looking for an alcohol free, and immunity promoting medicine? Then another option you may consider would be the Uniflora® Propolis Extract 30ml. This item has extracts from superior quality, Brazilian Propolis. This is best to be used for cuts, burns and the flu.

If you also have any infection or discomforts related to the gums, mouth, throat and tonsils, the Uniflora Propolis Extract can also be another effective solution you’ll need.

To take this product, place six drops of the medicine into a small cup of water. This has to be consumed every day. Should you have your doctor’s clearance in taking the medicine, it needs to be ingested for seven consecutive days.

Among the top health supplements in Singapore, the Uniflora Propolis Extract may also be taken to counter food poisoning. Simply pump a full dropper into a small cup of water. This same formula must be taken for three to four times a day, until the symptoms of food poisoning is no longer experienced.

It would be necessary to gain clearance from your doctor, as you consider any of the mentioned health supplements in Singapore. See how any of these will be beneficial for your health today.

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