Treadmills Vs Exercise Bike in Singapore


You have finally taken a decision to exercise at home. As far as choice of exercise equipment is concerned, you have so many options, be it exercise bike Singapore, treadmill, elliptical Singapore etc. One thing you have to understand is that everything is important, including the exercise mat Singapore. As you can see, exercise bike and treadmill are the most popular piece of equipment. Which is better? Let’s compare. Well, we will be considering factors like safety, effectiveness of the workouts, long-term sustainability etc.

Treadmill for sale

You can easily find a treadmill for sale. When it comes to home exercise, the biggest challenge is to stick to it on a daily basis. When you have exercise equipment at home, it is more convenient as you don’t have to drive to the gym. But if you have other distractions, sticking to a schedule can be difficult at home. Well, the key is to make your routine fun. There must be something that makes you look forward to the exercise sessions. But at the same time, it is important to be realistic here.


Boredom is a big factor that we need to consider here. Walking on a treadmill is not that fun. Go for a treadmill with incline as it can make it a little more interesting. It is a challenge and you might find it interesting. Watching television while walking or running on a treadmill is going to make it more interesting. If you like to watch television or movies it is a good idea to play a movie or switch on the TV before the treadmill. As for exercise bikes, they are unique as they come with biking routines pre-programmed in it. You don’t have to keep pressing the buttons while going through different courses. You can go for random programs and that will add to the surprise element. You will never know what is coming and this will add to the fun.

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