Triumph Over Stage Fright with the Public Speaking Academy


It’s understandable how people may get intimidated about the thought of speaking before an audience.

However, there’s always a way to counter this fear. One of the most effective tools to get rid of public speaking is through signing up for a public speaking course in Singapore. The Public Speaking Academy brings you four types of programs to master the art of public discourse. These include the following:

English Language Courses

The fundamental bases of being a great speaker involve a thorough know-how of the language he or she is using. The Public Speaking Academy lets you have a comprehensive training in English through the English Language Courses. These courses involve the Primary and Secondary Level, where Oral Examinations, Listening Comprehensions, Situational Writing, Expository Writing and many other lessons. To have effective communication skills, it is then necessary for students to learn the English Language in a way which gears them to comfortably speak it whenever needed.

Group Training Programs

By being part of a group, students can also get the chance to share their thoughts and individual learning techniques along the process of grasping the main lessons. The Public Speaking Academy offers the Basic Orator Module where body language will be discussed, since gestures serve as another way for students to get their messages across. Students can mainly improve their public speaking skills by also learning more about pronunciation and enunciation pointers. With group training programs, they’ll also get to learn about Impromptu Speaking where they can think fast on their feet. Persuasive and informative speaking techniques will also be learned, among other enriched classes which will be relayed in the training program.

Holiday and Ad Hoc Programs

The Public Speaking Academy can also teach a couple of pointers when students get the chance to unwind during the holidays. This should be the perfect opportunity for them to focus on learning to be exceptional public speakers, since they do not have any other subject to focus on. More importantly, the Public Speaking Academy also has 2-Day Ad Hoc Classes where students can be further trained in preparation for academic-related interviews. These include but are not limited to School Admission programs and scholarship applications.

Premium 1-to- 1 Training

For individuals who would like to have a specific class dedicated only for them to focus on improving their skills, there’s the 1-to- 1 Training program. This is applicable for students for all ages. If they’re scheduled to speak at a major event any time soon, this module will most certainly be helpful for them.

About Public Speaking Academy:

The Public Speaking Academy focuses on increasing the confidence of its students to express and impress while speaking in front of various audiences. As a corporate institution, it currently offers a number of customized and applicable courses to fit the needs of students of all ages. If you’re looking for an exceptional public speaking course in Singapore, you must know more about their curriculum by visiting today.

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