What SEO services can an online marketing agency offer you?


Whether we are talking about classic or online businesses, marketing was, is, and will still be “the soul of commerce”. When it comes to e-shops or presentation websites for products and services, SEO represents a very advantageous online marketing technique, in the long run.

When we are talking about SEO services (Search Engine Optimization), we refer to optimizing websites for search engines, so that the respective brand’s offer is displayed on the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page), making it as visible as possible for the users performing the query.

In other words, by searching for specific keywords or expressions (long-tails), potential clients will reach your brand in one click, to buy the products or services you are selling. Once this happens, you will realize, as an entrepreneur, that investing in SEO services is well worth it, and it will prove extremely profitable.

Therefore, an SEO agency aims to increase organic traffic and, consequently, the conversion rate and profits of your business.

Among the most common and popular SEO services are:

On-page optimization / Technical optimization

Optimizing the content of the website’s pages, as well as its technical optimization represents the foundation of SEO if you want to show up in Google organically, without paying for ads.

Off-page communication and creating backlinks

SEO-specialized copywriters will write promotional messages for your business, such as press releases or advertorials, that will help you gain brand awareness by associating with high-authority websites.

Creating the website’s mobile version

Visiting websites on mobile devices surpassed the traffic coming from their desktop versions, for most business fields. In some ways, the mobile version has become more important than the classic one!

Furthermore, the audit of the website, creating and updating its architecture, and keyword research are other basic SEO services that an online marketing agency could offer. However, an agency with an overview, such as iAgency.ro, offers its clients other services as well, meant to contribute to the success of SEO efforts, such as:

Business consulting and understanding your business

Most of the time, it’s hard to identify by yourself all the business differentials, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis). However, a team of experienced SEO specialists will manage to promote your business successfully.

Creating a strategy

Without a strategy, there are no results! And without knowing the unwritten “laws” of the Internet, you have no chance of success! An SEO agency will create an online strategy with respecting all of Google’s guidelines, the biggest and most used search engine, so that you don’t risk any penalties from it.

Therefore, in conclusion, SEO is not just about optimizing the content of a website, by using certain keywords and expressions, relevant to that specific domain and its target audience. If we are talking about a top online marketing agency, its approach will be much more comprehensive, and the SEO services offered will be integrated and conceived so that the client will benefit from all the necessary support to achieve remarkable results.

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