Alejandro Pena Promotes Sustainability Practices at Keter


Keter is a business that values sustainability. From the design stage to the end user, Keter’s goods are practical and built to last. Keter’s CEO, Alejandro Pena, and the company’s mission statement indicate that the company wants to utilize fewer virgin resources and less waste across the supply chain.

Keter’s CEO, Alejandro Pena, assists in setting the company’s objectives. Keter’s business operations are built on three sustainability pillars. Better goods, better business, and a better planet are the three pillars on which Keter bases all of its business choices.

It is crucial to remember that Keter’s senior executives are just some of the ones supporting sustainability. According to Pena, all Keter employees are dedicated to sustainability. Pena thinks Keter’s success in fulfilling its sustainability goals can be largely attributed to this enthusiasm for and dedication to sustainability.

Superior Products

Keter provides clients with a variety of durable lifestyle goods. The materials used to create Keter lifestyle goods are of the finest caliber and built to last a lifetime. The fact that Keter’s whole product line is 100% recyclable demonstrates its dedication to producing eco-friendly, high-quality goods. “As a company, we do not believe in single-use things that end up in landfills,” says Alejandro Pena. Because of this, all of Keter’s lifestyle items are recyclable and made with at least 100% recycled materials sourced from various places. This figure could rise in the future. In 2021, Keter used more than 160,000 tons of recycled materials. For comparison’s sake, this amount weighs five times as much as the Statue of Liberty. The business will advance toward sustainability even more under Alejandro Pena’s leadership as CEO of Keter.

Improved Business

Alejandro Pena is a fervent supporter of sustainability, and his ideals pervade every aspect of the Keter business. Currently, Keter has five production facilities. The Education Fund and Keter collaborated to establish the Keter Green Spaces initiative. This project serves the neighborhoods in which Keter operates. Keter’s goal is to excite and educate the next generation about the environment and promote global change for the better.

Improved Planet

Keter hopes to play a role in creating a better planet with its ambitious ecological goals. For instance, by 2025, Keter hopes to eliminate 25% of its greenhouse emissions. The company already takes aggressive steps to reduce its carbon footprint, putting practices into place that include water conservation, waste elimination, and climate resilience measures. Throughout its supply chain, Keter is constantly vigilant about ensuring that the environment is protected and seeing if improvements can be made in its sustainability measures.

Keter will continue its aim to create and produce sustainable goods that improve people’s lives, contribute to their enjoyment of life, and do not deplete nature’s resources. Keter will continue to set and surpass higher sustainability targets in the hopes that other businesses will follow their example.

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