Why Health Carousel Earned Ethical Recruitment Firm Honors


Health Carousel made headlines for the second time regarding its Ethical International Recruitment Practices in two years when it was announced that the company had once again attained certification. Health Carousel would receive its first certification as an Ethical Recruitment Firm in 2020 regarding foreign-educated healthcare recruitment.

Recertification through the team at the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices is done under the auspices of GFNS International Inc. The process involves a Board of Governors carefully undergoing an extensive and exhaustive examination to ensure that companies abide by their internal codes of ethics.

Board of Governors

The Alliance undergoes a rigorous certification process that invokes many techniques to ensure applying members’ ethical compliance. The Alliance undergoes discussions with health professionals that have worked directly with Health Carousel while also performing surveys, interviews, and reviews. The entire process is done to demonstrate just where and when the team at Health Carousel is exceeding their standards and when they are failing them.

After the review is performed, its findings are demonstrated to either confirm or deny a potential applicant, in this case, the team at Health Carousel. Health Carousel would earn its second certification after the Board of Governors passed them with flying colors.

Human resource professionals, recruitment associations, and nursing representatives oversee the Board of Governors. Through its certification process, Health Carousel is affirming its commitment to continual education for healthcare professionals recruited while under the oversight of the Alliance.

Importance of Ethics

Mukul Bakhshi is the Director of the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices. Speaking in the wake of the process for Health Carousel, Bakhshi noted, “We are pleased about Health Carousel’s decision to renew its Alliance Certification.

John Sebastian, CEO at Health Carousel, said, “Maintaining our Alliance certification is among many ways we build our ethical recruitment practices.”

As The Alliance and Health Carousel unite for another two-year process, Bakhshi noted, “Their organization is an important stakeholder, and I commend them for their many programs that address essential industry issues, such as global nursing sustainability and development.”

In addition to its work in the field of ethics, Health Carousel is also closely involved with the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment and the Slave-Free Alliance. In addition to their many efforts enforcing and upholding ethical values, Health Carousel has been held highly by the team at ClearlyRated after earning the Best of Staffing Diamond Award.

Continuing to uphold and enforce the highest of industry standards, Health Carousel continues to focus on the future through its Light the Way initiative.

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