Applied Physics Makes Available New Microscopy Equipment


Knowing how important it is to deepen the understanding of the universe, Applied Physics has always taken the lead in introducing advanced lab equipment in Singapore. Recently, it has added a number of new microscopy equipment that are expected to generate interests among schools and manufacturing companies. With these additional items in its inventory, the management of Applied Physics believe that they will be able to increase their revenues in the coming months.  Among the new equipment in its list are electron microscopes, Sputter coaters, Cressington coaters, carbon coaters, plasma cleaners, and decontaminators. All these are now available and can be easily acquired.

This is a welcome development according to many in the field of education. In Singapore, the universities are particularly keen in improving the system of education. The improvements include the capability of the schools to enhance the students’ understanding of physics not just through theoretical discussions in the classrooms but also through actual experimentation. The lab practical activities would not be possible without the aid of advanced equipment, especially those that are used for microscopy. This is the reason why the schools have been known to be top clients of companies like Applied Physics even as there are manufacturing companies that are also interested.

According to the management of Applied Physics, they have immediately noticed the sudden increase of orders coming from the academe and business sectors. This is something that may indeed seem worth celebrating.  However, its top representative think that it is not just their company that benefits from the occurrence. He explains that it is the clients themselves that actually gain the most. With the microscopy equipment that they have acquired, they will surely be able to increase their knowledge of the sciences or make headways in introducing new features for their products, in the case of manufacturing companies.

One of the many reasons why Applied Physics has been considered as a top supplier of microscopy equipment in Singapore is that it has always made it a point that the items in its inventory are those of high quality. The reason behind this is that its management made it a point to only make supply equipment from the most reliable brands. A management representative said that this company attitude has made them very popular among science teachers. Aside from the academic sector, Applied Physics has been the favourite of manufacturing sector also for the same reason.

About Applied Physics:

Applied Physics Pte Ltd is a leading scientific equipment company that is based in Singapore. It focuses mainly in supplying microscopy equipment to schools and manufacturing industries in the country.  The company takes pride in the fact that it is managed by very competent individuals while the rest of the staff are proven experts in the field of microscopy. Applied Physics has been known to help in solving problems of their clients related to scientific experimentation. They analyse the particular situations of their clients before recommending the right types of equipment that should be procured by the latter. Know more at:

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