Applied Physics offers top of the line equipment for electron microscopy


Applied Physics is a company that specializes in distributing various scientific instruments in Singapore. They distribute scientific instruments for electron microscopy in particular. They have a vast range of equipment that are innovative and of high quality.

The field of science has expanded greatly thanks to all the discoveries and inventions that have been made throughout the years. But all of the discoveries and gathered knowledge would not have been made without the aid of scientific instruments. And as we get to expand our scientific knowledge, more research studies call for instruments which are far more advanced than before. Applied Physics is a company that seeks to help people obtain these tools easily for the sake of science and research. They are dedicated to contributing to the community of electron microscopy by means of providing top-of-the-line scientific instruments.

The company has a wide variety of scientific instruments for electron microscopy. They have Sputter coater, Carbon, coater, High Vacuum evaporators, Freeze Fracture coating solutions, Vacuum pumping systems and consumables. Coating is a necessary process in electron microscopy. Applied Physics has the 108C Auto Carbon Coater which is designed specifically to coat specimens which are non-conductive or poorly conductive. They also have Cressington coaters, which are the best coating for FESEM, SEM EDS, and TEMs. It is an advanced kind of coating designed for electron microscopes that have improved resolution. They also provide Plasma Cleaners. Plasma cleaning of specimens is relevant before beginning the process of electron microscopy. This helps avoid hydrocarbon contamination of specimens. Applied Physics has the SEMI KLEEN plasma cleaner that is adjustable and had low EMI emission. Their products are carefully selected before being distributed in the market.

The company not only offers cutting edge products for electron microscopy. They also make sure that the quality of their products is matched with quality service. Moreover, Applied Physics is a company that consists of dedicated people who are well-versed in the field of electron microscopy and microanalysis. These people know everything regarding the scientific tools they have. Their understanding of electron microscopy allows them to understand the clients and what their needs are. Applied Physics believes that the customer should always come first, and prioritizes every client’s demand at all cost.

Applied Physics is a company that provides everything you need in the field of electron microscopy. It is a one-stop shop for high quality scientific instruments that can help you with research. They are a company dedicated to assisting professors, researchers and scientists in electron microscopy.

About Applied Physics
Applied Physics Pte Ltd is a scientific instrument distribution company that is based in Singapore. The company mainly distributes equipment for electron microscopy. They offer products such as Sputter coater, Carbon coater, High Vacuum evaporators, Freeze Fracture coating solutions, and other consumables. Applied Physics offers quality products along with excellent service. Their team of experts in electron microscopy and microanalysis are sure to assist customers at all costs.

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