Ask These Questions Before Selecting A Caterer


The success of your event depends on many factors, but with a sumptuous food menu and a great entertainment program on offer, you can be sorted. Event planning is something that requires personal attention, no matter whether you have the budget for a planner or not. One of the critical aspects is food and catering, which must be considered well in advance. Hosts and organizers often plan weeks or even months before the actual day, so that they can get the best services at the right price. In this post, we will talk about things that you must discuss with a caterer before hiring them.

  • Are your available? Yes, that’s the most important question by all means. Don’t be surprised, but many caterers do outsource work when they have more bookings than they can manage. Make sure that the company is taking your work seriously.

  • What’s on the menu? Food menu should include both local and exotic items, and it should be flexible, as every event is different. For example, when you look for event catering Houston, you may want to check if the caterer specializes in BBQ food. Stick to local food made from fresh produce.
  • Do you deal in delivery, as well? For smaller events with less than 50 guests, you don’t need a full-service caterer. Check if the caterer deals in delivery, and if they do, how quickly can they take the order.

  • What’s included in the price? In case of full service catering, the caterer is expected to get the tables and buffet arrangements ready. As per the contract, they may arrange and serve sides and drinks, as well. If you need special services, such as dessert counters, get a comprehensive and detailed estimate.
  • What are your credentials? Experience is an aspect you cannot ignore in catering. Find a caterer that has been in business for long and doesn’t mind sharing client references on request.

Finally, take a moment and consider if you need a tasting session. For bigger events, this might be more of a necessity, but it’s a personal call. Keep in mind that great food is best served hot and with love, so you must find a caterer that treats your event as their own. Don’t shy away from paying that the extra price that they ask for tasting some of their signature dishes. Check online to find the best services in your city!

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