Check Out these Toys from Mini Outfitters


If you’d like to further foster the creative and explorative mind of your child, it would be great for you to check out some toys from Mini Outfitters. Aside from having picked your kids clothes online, you can also take the opportunity to see a couple of options for washable toys. These can be entirely cleaned along with your usual laundry, so you’ll be sure to keep having a clean set of toys for your little one.


Guaranteed soft and fluffy

Mini Outfitters’ toys are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester to ensure a balance of cuddliness and sturdiness. They’re washable with cold water, so you can be sure these toys would certainly be allergy-free. They can indeed be your child’s best friend, since these toys are soft, huggable and best of all, clean and tidy.


They come in different designs

As you log-in the site of Mini Outfitters and take your pick among the toys for your baby, you can consider having him pick which ones he or she would like the most. This is very much like picking kids clothes in Singapore, only this time you will be choosing among toys. Mini Outfitters has the Babycottons and Bobo Buddies brands, along with designs such as Western Horse Toy, Western Doll, Elephant, Dusty the Cow and Curly the Pig.


Pick from their different functions

Did you know these toys have additional functions, other than being your child’s huggable and allergy free friends? Some of them have built-in rattles, while others can serve as back packs which have pillows and blankets. For security purposes, there are also toys which function as reins. This way, you can still hold on to your baby while you’re in a mall or a crowded park. In case you get busy and your child decides to go another way, you may still rein him or her back into your space.

These multi-functional decors and toys should also look great with the Armani Junior selections, which are available in Mini Outfitters at discounted prices. The store can slash prices starting from over 25% to 75% off their items, at a limited time only.


Available in the most affordable prices

You certainly must not miss out on the chance to purchase these toys, as some of them are on a final sale. The toys are offered in discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off their regular prices. It would be good to purchase three to five items all in one go, so you can have a complete collection of toys for your child.


About Mini Outfitters

Mini Outfitters is born out of collaborations between one London-based fashion insider and an ex-banker from Singapore. The online retailer carries over 50 international brands ranging from Burberry, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Stella McCartney and many more. They sell high-quality, luxury clothing for babies, boys and girls. If you’d like to know more about the items they carry, visit their online shop at today.

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