Cloth.ier Offers Classic Cheongsam with a Fresh Twist for Modern Ladies in Singapore


Cloth.ier is a clothing store that is known for providing chic ready-to-wear modern cheongsam or qipao in Singapore. A fashion house renowned for their unique take on classic cheongsam, they are the one-stop shop for oriental-themed outfits that have a stylish twist.

Cloth.ier was launched in January 2004 by Yapi Pte Ltd. The store soon began to expand, creating outlets and counters in different department stores. As the company began to expand globally, they added the well-known Jixiang Zhai, a fashion company that has grown to have about 100 outlets in China to their portfolio. They opened the first JiXiang Zhai Flagship store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay in Singapore.

Both Cloth.ier and JiXiang Zhai have become successful, world-class providers of top quality cheongsam in Singapore, and now they aim to serve more customers by opening up their online store where members can shop for oriental themed outfits online.

Cloth.ier is known for their artful way of designing chic oriental-themed outfits for the modern lady. They made use of their understanding of the Chinese art and culture and incorporate it into the modern style today, to come up with classic cheongsam with a new and trendy twist. Their selection of modern qipao consists of fabulous outfits made by the best cheongsam tailors, with the finest materials matched with excellent workmanship. There are cheongsam dresses and two-piece cheongsams that come in various designs and colors. They also offer cheongsams for children, as well as for plus-sized women. Cloth.ier ensures providing a wide range of unique oriental-themed outfits so that there is always something for everyone.

The classic cheongsam is an iconic symbol of the elegance and grace of a lady. And it is Cloth.ier’s goal to have every modern lady achieve such character through their stylish outfits. The qipao is a dress that has overcome the passage of time, even gaining worldwide fame for its unique and classic beauty. It’s capability to remain a trend throughout the years is a perfect reminder that modern style need not be new; sometimes all you need is see the traditional fashion in a fresh perspective. It is this kind of thought that made Cloth.ier a successful franchise today.

Cloth.ier understands the importance of coming up with unique design for the classic cheongsam to suit the modern lady of Singapore. Their fresh approach in styling a well-known traditional attire to suit the new era of fashion makes them a store that is truly worth visiting.

About Cloth.ier

Yapi Pte Ltd started out in 2004, launching the Cloth.ier in China. They are a company that specializes in top quality oriental-themed ready-to-wear clothing for the modern ladies. Now they have expanded into a renowned shop, even establishing their first branch outside of China by opening their first flagship store in Singapore, as well as an online shop where ladies can buy the most stylish oriental outfits today.

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