Cloth.ier Offers a Wide Variety of Cheongsams for All Occasions



Cheongsams are not only traditional Chinese clothing which display a part of the rich Chinese culture, but also look beautiful when worn. Usually, people would wear the cheongsam for cultural events. However, cheongsam shops in Singapore now make and create more “modern” twists that they incorporate into the traditional cheongsam to make it wearable for all kinds of occasions.

Cloth.ier is one of those cheongsam shops that provide customers with a wide selection of traditional clothing to choose from. Cloth.ier not only sells classic cheongsam dresses, but they have their own cheongsam tailors who give their own spin to make the cheongsam have a more modern look.

Cloth.ier’s cheongsams are unique and come in different colours, designs, and styles. Some of the colours of cheongsams available are black green, pink black, red, blue, and lilac black. The designs mostly make use of various floral and petal motifs. In terms of the cheongsam style, you can cheongsams which have short sleeve, are sleeveless, have a cut in style, or are high necked.

Cloth.ier also seeks to provide only the highest quality cheongsams which are made of materials such as polyester, cotton, and 100% pure silk. Hence, customers can pick whichever cheongsam they find the most comfortable to wear. Some of the cheongsams do not only have normal designs and various colours, but are adorned with other small items such as Chinese buttons hand-knotted Mandarin buttons, handmade buttons, or Jade buttons.

Besides that, Cloth.ier has many read-to-wear clothes such as the asymmetrical tunics, lace qipao, cheongsam blouses, sleeveless cheongsam dresses with belts, and chiffon pants. These clothes are good for casual outings and hang outs where customers can wear for any kind of casual occasion. Besides casual occasions, those looking for wedding cheongsams can take a look at a few special selections which Cloth.ier has in store.

If you’re looking for other accessories to match your cheongsam, Cloth.ier also has various kinds to choose from. There are two main accessories that are sold. The first are silk and wool shawls which come in colours of green black, fushia, brown, red black, pink, and grey. These shawls would definitely go well when paired together with the cheongsams, adding a touch of vibrancy. The second item is the necklaces which is the jadeite necklace, the jadeite bead necklace and the onyx necklace in black-green colour.

Cloth.ier provides so many different kinds of cheongsams that can be worn for any occasion. With that, whether you are looking for classic cheongsam dresses for formal occasions or one for casual outings, Cloth.ier can certainly give you what you need.


Cloth.ier started since 2004 and has multiple outlets and counters in various departments stores across Singapore. The company aims in making read-to-wear oriental themed clothing that is relevant to the lifestyle of modern ladies. Cloth.ier also makes it easy for customers to buy cheongsam online with its e-store.

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