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glsurgical-does-colonoscopy-screening-for-patientsCancer can be an insidious disease which can affect any person. With many Singaporeans’ busy-ness and temptations to have unhealthy lifestyles, it’s highly advisable for you to be familiar with the types of Cancer Surgeries available today.

Consider having a cancer screening and be aware of the possible surgeries which patients can have for treatment:

Surgeries for Stomach or Gastric Cancer

This type of Cancer forms over a period of time. During the pre-Cancerous stage, it starts off as a small lump. Some patients may even be mistaken to conclude their cancer would merely be an inflammation or ulcer.

If you’ve been experiencing indigestion or stomach acid reflux, it would be advisable to clear up your real situation with the doctor. Be sure they are merely conditions and not actual symptoms of your sickness.

There are other signs which you’ll need to know more about. These include difficulty in swallowing, nausea or vomiting, and blood in your stool. You might even experience sudden weight loss, or get easily weak and fatigued. There are many other symptoms which you’ll encounter.

Many kinds of treatments are available so patients may heal from Gastric Cancer. If a tumor is found in one’s stomach, then curative surgery might be advised by the doctor. Systemic dissection may even be suggested, depending on the extent of your condition.

Partial, Subtotal or Total Gastrectomy may be a suggested treatment for Stomach Cancer. If you’ve been experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, then it would be good to undergo Cancer Screening at the soonest time possible.

Consider the available surgeries for Colorectal Cancer

While the colon usually absorbs water, vitamins and minerals, there may be situations when the remaining wastes cannot be fully channeled by the said body part.

Have you been experiencing abdominal pain, bloated-ness or even bleeding whenever you’re passing stools? If so, then you’ll definitely need to have a Colonoscopy Screening scheduled to check the health of your colon.

Colorectal Cancer may be the result of having a sedentary lifestyle, obesity or even having a low fiber and high fat diet. It takes years to develop, and it usually starts off as a polyp or small growth. By having a Colonoscopy Screening, your doctor will be able to detect and remove the precancerous lumps.

The treatment of this condition will depend on the stage of a patient’s cancer. This is why a CT Scan or PET Scan would be required to check on the actual condition of a specific patient.

About GL Surgical

Headed by Dr. Ganesh Ramalingam, GL Surgical has various categories of treatments which include Advanced Laparoscopy, Cancer Surgery, Weight Loss Procedures, Anorectal Surgery and Emergency Surgery.

They also provide General Procedure Consultations, Gastrointestinal Procedures such as stomach and colorectal cancers, Laparoscopic procedures, Endoscopy and 24 hour Emergency Procedures.

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