Grid Synergy Gets Involved in Television


A Singapore-based media production outfit has just entered the realm of television. Grid Synergy, which is already known in producing videos for educational purposes and for movies has also gone into the making of TV shows.  Many in the world of TV show production in Singapore consider this as a welcome development. They believe that with Grid Synergy’s entry in the game, the quality of the country’s TV industry can improve further. Grid Synergy’s youthful management and crew are expected to infuse fresh ideas into Singaporean TV. Currently, the said company is producing Showdown Asia, which is a very popular reality show.

Philip Wu, who is the CEO of Grid Synergy, said that they have been producing quality videos for businesses and learning centers. They have also produced several movies; a number of them actually became blockbusters. Many of their videos have also made it to the internet and have in fact trended.  However, Wu points out that the people have still not turned their backs on TV. Even if the internet and the movies have provided them means of entertainment, TV has retained its appeal on the masses. It is in this regard that they saw the opportunities of venturing into TV show production.

Grid Synergy takes pride in the fact that it known as one of the very few media production outfits that dare to introduce totally new concepts in television. Wu said that they tend to believe that the reason behind this is that their production team are not only talented but also young.  He added that youth is one factor that encourages them to think out of the box and to go beyond the barriers set by traditional TV production concepts. Their ability to come up with fresh and novel concepts has generated positive response from TV viewers.

In a media briefing, Wu stressed that they are not yet closing the doors on more opportunities that the TV industry may provide them. He said that for as long as people make it a point to watch TV every time that they have the chance, there is always an opportunity for them to produce more shows. He further added that with the young minds in Grid Synergy, it is unlikely that they would run out of fresh ideas soon. They will also make sure that the shows they produce will be of very good quality in all respects, from the content to the aesthetics.

About Grid Synergy

Grid Synergy is a multiple media company that is based in Singapore. It is into the production of videos meant for different platforms, such as TV, cinema, and the internet. It was first known for its quality corporate videos.  Grid Synergy has partnered with a number of big business companies. It has produced the marketing materials for the internet of SingTel, Artemis Communications, ST Electronics, and Star Hub. It has also assisted in the needs of organizations like Youth Without Borders. Transactions with the company can be done through its website. Its website is

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