IN3LABS Learning Offers Comprehensive Coding and Apps Programming for Children 6-15


IN3LABS made the impossible possible by offering coding and apps programming for kids ages 6-15 which gave room for more young app developers and coders.

In the rise of technology, there is a huge demand for developers of computer software, applications and websites. Here lies the need for coding and apps programming experts to conform to the demand. However, not all people easily grasp the learning about these subjects. People find it so hard to learn programming and coding.

In3labs saw the need to develop the capacity of people to fully understand the language of coding and programming. With the help of scratch programming, python, java, and android app inventor platforms, In3labs developed courses that enable enrolled young kids to get not just basic ideas but explore and innovate in codes and programs.

In3labs’ coding workshop in Singapore is classified into three, the Kids Coder Certification, Junior Coder Certification and Senior Coder Certification. The Kids Coder Certification offered to ages 6-7 allows young ones to get an introduction to Programming through user friendly interface of Scratch, Python and Android App Inventor. The kids at early age can develop problem solving skills, computation thinking, strong concentration and attention, creative thinking, computer literacy, teamwork and communication skills. The young stage of students opens them to knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Junior Coder Certification is offered to ages 8 to 11 years old wherein hands-on projects and experiential learning are focused. Java, Android App Inventor and other platforms in programming are taught in Senior Coder Certification offered to ages 12 to 15. Structured curriculum provides progressive learning.

In3labs learning ensures optimal student learning by allowing small class size. Different levels of certification are given to the kids after every stage of the session up to level 9. For shorter learning experience, a coding and apps programming holiday camp is given to children from all level. In the holiday camp, students are given a learning journey about the development of the world of applications.

The programs are very beneficial to young ones who are very much exposed to technology such as computers, tablets and smartphones. The students in the workshops are able to enjoy their gadgets for not just for fun but also in learning. In3labs use gadgets to engage students in creative work. During the workshops, creative prowess is developed in the children as they innovate simple to complex applications.

Applying the motto of In3labs’ Integrate, Innovate and Inspire, they help students incorporate ideas into something to create and become inspired to continue creating applications, software and websites using coding and apps programming. In3labs proved that the complicated idea of coding and apps programming is made simpler to be understood during childhood. More and more students in Singapore are getting interested with the programs offered by the company producing competent and skilled coders and programmers.

About IN3LAB Learning:

IN3LABS PTE LTD. is a leading education and enrichment center specializing in Robotics, Coding and Apps Programming workshops and certifications. The company caters students as young as five years old up to 16 years old, and professionals to explore technology and innovations. For more information, visit

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