Japanese trends takes over Singapore as Matsui hair Studio sets foot in the home of the Merlin Lion


Matsui, a hair studio in Singapore, brings the vibe of the “Tokyo-street” to the people in the foreign country. The hair studio brings the latest trends in a Japanese themed hair salon offering services inspired by the Japanese trends and techniques. The hair studio creates a link of different trends to pump up style and fashion.

A refreshing treat to sizzle up something new in the trends of today’s quirky styles and fashionable look. Japan stylists are trained not only with the right ways and knowledge when it comes to beauty but also with all the new techniques with technological advancements the country of Japan has back in its own country land.

Matsui hair studio in Singapore is one of the recommended hair salon in Singapore as it offers new experiences and treatments that one can only avail in Japan before. Now, a client in Singapore don’t have to pack their bags and travelling to Japan just to experience Japanese hair salon pampering style and hair treatments. The Japanese hair salon brought a zest of Japanese hairdo and styles to the different foreign countries.

Located at 202 Victoria Street, Bugis in Singapore, Matsui Hair Studio provides its services to the natives of the land. From the signature haircut to the unique hair treatments such as ammonia free hair dye, soft rebonding, Japanese perm and the likes. The broad line lists of services are also within the means of the clients ranging from $25 to $450. Pampering is as foreign as the theme of the hair salon itself.

The Japanese hair studio also introduces the Japanese haircut, Japanese hair colour trend and Japanese perm. These are the latest trends that have been studied and particularly developed in order to not just blend but keep up with the widely accepted and patronized trends. Matsui Hair Studio also incorporated a different environment and salon interior structure. It is an outdoor themed hair studio designed to be oasis for the clients to relax and have fun while availing its services especially when speaking about hair dye services since it may take a while before the whole treatment is done.

This Japanese hair studio, indeed, will surely bring a new kind of experience to its clients as well as a fresh and new perspectives when it comes to hairstyles.

About the company:
Matsui Hair Studio is founded by director, Matsui Akiyoshi, who is trained both locally and in Japan to bring the “Tokyo-street” style onto clients in Singapore. The director goes back to Japan every year to exchange trends and new techniques with stylists there to bring the latest trends back. All current and future staffs have been and will be given training by the director himself to ensure the quality of hairdo. The studio, an outdoor themed, is specially designed for our clients to relax in a different environment after sitting-in for a long period of time. To find out more, visit: http://www.matsui.sg/.

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