Learn To Save Money On SSL Certificates


cybersecureasia-sells-multi-domain-ssl-and-ssl-cert-in-singaporeWhen it comes to an e-commerce website, an SSL certificate is a must. Your users share their personal information with you and you have got to ensure that this information is protected from hackers and such dangerous groups on the internet. Having an SSL certificate is very crucial to the success of your online business. SSL enables a secure connection with encryption. As a result, hackers will not be able to access the personal data shared on your website. As for the SSL certificate, you will be purchasing it from the Certificate Authorities. They will be responsible for verifying the legitimacy of the website. If you have more than one domain, then you should go for multi-domain SSL. You have to remember that multi-domain SSL certificates can be costly.

The cost and price of a SSL certificate

When it comes to SSL certificate authentication, everyone is concerned about the cost associated with it. Let’s take a look.

  • Considering there are so many malware, exploitation and hackers online, the kind of money you invest on the SSL certificates is always worth it.
  • But when you have many sites, the cost of the SSL certificates can add up.
  • They will be charging you every year. When you have so many websites, it can be an issue.

What level do you need?

When it comes to site verification, there are various levels. You will have to pick the level that you are looking for. You can go for EV SSL certificates or Domain Validated Certificates. A 3rd Party Certificate Authority will be in charge of signing the certificates. How does it work? Well, the Certificate Authority will ensure that the message you have received on the website indeed comes from the actual owner of that website. Is it any different when it comes to Singapore? You can buy an SSL certificate in Singapore and use it freely.

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