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Brand Incorporated, a Public Relations (PR) agency in Singapore and Malaysia providing customized public relations solutions that are guaranteed to increase presence and position in the market, offers its PR specialization in the public relations area of Health and Beauty.

With an exceptionally large range of products, services, and brands jostling for top spots in an increasingly competitive space, the health and beauty industry can be a tough market to break into. The keystone in generating publicity for health and beauty brands lies in creating innovative messages and fresh takes on branding in order to stand out from the competition.

The company director of Brand Incorporated and founder, Elaine Seah, has worked with the National Skin Centre, which has imbued her with an in-depth knowledge of the public relations mechanics of the health and beauty industry in Singapore and Malaysia, as well as the products they have to offer. As a public relations agency, the firm has been delivering effective publicity campaigns for a wide variety of health and beauty brands ever since its inception, allowing it to offer knowledge and unique insights into the ins-and-outs of this competitive industry to its long-standing consumer lifestyle clients. The firm has delivered outstanding results for products and brands such as Schick Hydro, Hugo Boss Energise, Gatsby Hair Jam, kawaii TOKYO, and So Spa by Sofitel, making our experience in all aspects of the health and beauty field unparalleled.

Aside from experience and knowledge, the firm also relies on its close ties with relevant members of the media. With the editors from notable publications including Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, FEMALE, Cosmopolitan and many more on speed-dial, and an astute eye for details, engaging story angles, and brand positioning, Brand Incorporated has garnered exceptional media exposures for all of the health and beauty brands under its care.

Specializing in public relations and communications for consumer and lifestyle products, the company has steered and managed some of the biggest brand names known today. Some of which are the Far East Hospitality, Xepa Soul Pattinson, Fossil, Hugo Boss, Wacoal and more. From being a one-person operation with an astute eye for detail, and driven by a passion for concise, effective communications, Brand Incorporated has evolved into one of the leading boutique consumer lifestyle public relations (PR) agencies and consultancy in Singapore and Malaysia that specializes in public relations areas such as medical healthcare, hospitality, food and beverage (F&B) restaurants, consumer tech, event and fashion. The Public Relations (PR) Agency which originated in Singapore was given the unique opportunity to expand its services to Malaysia in year 2007, with strong support and aid from its clients in Singapore. Since then, Brand Incorporated Sdn Bhd (Brand Incorporated in Malaysia) has continued to deliver the same results-driven services and values to a variety of clients in the Malaysian market. What started as a spin-off from the Singapore headquarters has turned out to be yet another milestone in Brand Incorporated’s history.

The company has celebrated its over 10 years of providing customised public relations (PR) solutions that guaranteed to increase presence and position in the market.

About the company:

Brand Incorporated is a Public Relations (PR) agency in Singapore providing customized public relations solutions that are guaranteed to increase presence and position in the market. Its long-standing clients, that include Far East Hospitality, Xepa Soul Pattinson, Fossil, Hugo Boss, and Wacoal, understand the company’s firm belief in keeping all clients close to their hearts in order to provide the best possible PR solutions for them. They also take pride in their close ties with members of the media, aiding them in finding unique, news-worthy stories that will engage and captivate their target audiences. For more information, visit:

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