Matsui Hair Studio offers the latest Japanese hairstyles


Matsui Hair Studio, one of the recommended hair salons in Singapore has been known to offer Tokyo street style in the country. They are the specialists when it comes to the latest Japanese haircuts today.

This Japanese hair studio is founded by director, Matsui Akiyoshi, who has gained a lot of experience after training in Singapore and in Japan. He had set up this hair salon with the aim of providing Singapore with fresh looks straight from Japan, a country known for their attention grabbing and trend-setting fashion.

There is no other hair salon in Singapore that knows Japanese haircut better than Matsui Hair Studio.

Matsui Akiyoshi has dedicated time and effort in giving the Singaporean clientele the best styles, going back to Japan every year to exchange trends and up-to-date techniques. Matsui Hair Studio undoubtedly has thorough knowledge of what is latest in the hairstyling industry. Moreover, they also have knowledge of the latest Japanese hair color trends, so men and women can have the latest and fashion forward cuts and colors today.

Men and women of all ages are surely going to love the hair treatments that Matsui Hair Studio has in store. Aside from haircut and hair dye services, they offer protein treatment, as well as scalp treatment, to give your hair a boost in nourishment. They also have deep moisturizing treatment to pamper your hair after suffering the damaging effects of the sun and the humid climate. Moreover, Matsui Hair Studio also offers a variety of texture services. If you are someone who wants to have perfectly smooth and straight hair, the hair salon offers normal rebonding. They even have Japanese perm, for those who want pin-straight hair that lasts for a long time. If you want to keep your waves and pursue a more natural look, they also have soft rebonding. Their treatments are a hundred percent safe, so you are guaranteed to have a comfortable time in this salon.

You need not worry about your hair, as Matsui Hair Studio will take care of it thoroughly. With their professional and experienced stylists trained under the guidance of Matsui Akiyoshi himself. Moreover, the salon has an outdoor-themed environment that the customers are going to enjoy. You can come to the hair studio on your own to pamper yourself with a fabulous makeover, or come with your friends to have a special bonding time. Matsui Hair Studio is the right place for you to make yourself look neater and more fabulous, and rest assured that with them as your hairstylists, everyday is going to be a great hair day.

About Matsui Hair Studio
Matsui Hair Studio is an established Japanese salon in Singapore founded by Matsui Akiyoshi. With years of training in Singapore and in Japan, his salon has become known for bringing Tokyo street style into the island. Their well-trained hairstylists are trusted and will make sure to give clients the fresh and fabulous new look that they wish for. To know more about Matsui Hair Studio, you may visit their website:

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