Mini Outfitters as a leading one-stop online portal for kids fashion collection


Take fashionable clothing items for kids from designer children’s clothes


Singapore – Great designers have developed a sense of fondness over the mini wardrobe clothes collections, kids fashion line. Kids today are now given a fashion license to flaunt designer clothes from the most basic tops to different tailored dresses for girls. Various accessories are also being made just for the sole purpose of complementing the collection of trendy children’s clothes.

Mini Outfitters is one of the solutions that have risen to the increasing demands when it comes to on point and trendy kids clothes collection. It is an online wear store with over 50 international brands to offer making them one of the visible competitors in the global stage.

The company also consolidated different designer children’s clothes from the most elegant and unreachable ones to the cheekiest and casual kids apparel producing brands.

Mini Outfitters is home to many stylish and trendy outfits perfect for fashionable kids and as gifts as well. They have a wide selection of kids clothes from the new born baby apparel to trendy boys clothes and sweet girl’s garb.

The company was also able to reach popular European brands. “Founded by London-based fashion insider Fonny Bunjamin and Singapore-based ex-banker and mother of two, Sook Tan, Mini Outfitters offers discounts achieved through negotiating and buying off-season collections across Europe and US. Access to such exclusive labels comes about due to Co-Founder, Fonny Bunjamin’s decade-long merchandising experience at top European fashion houses such as Burberry and Stella McCartney.”, says the web store spokesperson.

With such marketing privilege and approach, they are able to connect different brands to thousands of audiences as well. They have truly played a significant role as an online portal for both the designer children clothes or brands and to the clients and customers who are restricted in purchasing because of the limited medium and marketing reach of the brands.

The kids fashion company also has made a milestone when it comes to their purchase processes and shipping means. It has helped customers in grabbing trendy and stylish collection of kids clothes in a very efficient system and lesser span of time.

Mini Outfitters also offers membership to those who wants to avail more deals and discounts with their favorite brands. The members are offered with exclusive purchasing privileges and latest trend updates as well.

About the company:

Mini Outfitters is an online maker wear store for youngsters 0-16 years, offering more than 50 universal brands at open expenses.  By being a members-only website, these discounted prices are not available to the public at immensely colossal and as such, brands are additionally inclined to offer better discounts to Mini Outfitters members. To ascertain more, visit

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