A-Tutors Offers an Exciting Career Opportunity as a Tutor


A-Tutors provides a great avenue for people who wish to pursue an exciting career opportunity with them as a tutor.

Aspired to provide high quality tuition, A-Tutors constantly employs professional tutors to meet the growing demands on their service from their students. A-Tutors offers a huge and expansive list of available assignments from different locations in Singapore, which include North, Central, East, West and North East of Singapore. Aside from the varied locations, this private tuition in Singapore offers several subjects such as PSLE tuition, Chemistry tuition, POA tuition, O level tuition, Maths tuition. All of the tuition classes are available on a regular basis for both tutors and students.

Signing up as a tutor has never been as easy with A-Tutors. By logging on to their website, you can easily register yourself as an English, a Chinese, or a Maths teacher over their website, as long as you have everything it takes to be a tutor. Online applicants are required to fill in some particulars, including their email address, name, identification card number, nationality, date of birth, gender, address and contact information. To be eligible as a home tutor, applicants also need to provide their tutor category, tutoring experience, the current institution they’re attending or last attended, as well as the highest qualifications they attained. Online applicants could choose their preferred subjects to teach. There is also the option to add a brief description where their teaching style and personal achievements could be included.

As A-Tutors offers private tuition with flexible scheduling options, one can always choose to be either a full-time or a part-time tutor. You can discuss openly on the home tuition rates as A-Tutors practises transparency with the rates that they are offering. The estimated hourly rates along with the types of tutors can be accessed right at their website, which gives both students and tutors a clear overview of their pricing.

About A-Tutors:

A-Tutors is a platform with a large database of experienced and capable home tutors, who are able to teach students on a wide range of subjects. A-Tutors provides highly competitive hourly rates too. To find out more, you can head over to their website here.

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