Cotton Planet strives to provide good quality customised uniforms in Singapore


customized-uniform-in-singaporeEvery company, especially those who are in the service sector, are always required to portray a clean, professional and standardised image as a whole. The first thing that could convey this kind of message would be having a customised uniform that not only differentiates this particular company from others, it would also create identity for those who are working in the same company. Well-designed uniforms should not only be good looking, it should also be comfortable and wash friendly. All these requirements should be given much attention by the uniform supplier.

Cotton Planet is a clothing manufacturer based in Singapore that supplies uniforms for service sectors such as education and healthcare along with uniforms for those who are working in the chemical, oil and gas industry. The colour and fabric choice for the uniform for these sectors differ from each other due to the needs of their work. Cotton Planet is the uniform supplier that understands the differences in all these uniforms and would be able to come up with appropriate designs that suits the company’s profile. To make these customized uniforms a trademark of the company, they also provide high quality, durable embroidery services. These stitching services are not only applicable to uniforms, but could also be used on caps, jackets and other company/event shirts as well.

This Singapore clothing manufacturer not only supplies work uniforms for adults, they also cater to children’s kindergarten school wear and sportswear for kids. These kindergarten uniforms are made of light and comfortable fabrics to suit the weather in Singapore. Besides, there is a wide range of fabric colours to choose from, allowing the kindergarten to create their own trademark and image.  The designs of these uniforms are also highly customisable from having pleated to non-pleated skirts on girls’ uniform to having scarves and ties on the tops for both boys and girls uniform.


Cotton Planet is uniform supplier that helps their clients design and produce customized uniforms in Singapore. A Singapore clothing manufacturer that has 20 years in running the business, they cater not only to uniform production but also t-shirt, jacket, and caps design. Not only are their designed clothing comfortable and stylish, it is also made out of high quality fabrics that are long-lasting and durable. Having collaborated with many corporations in Singapore such as NTUC learning hub, Tektronix Communications, Tay Dental Surgery and Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, they have set up their name for being efficient in service and having quality workmanship in their outfits supplied. Cotton Planet is a highly reputable uniform supplier among the clothing customization service industry that is endorsed by over 50 corporations in Singapore.

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